Death is a master from Germany


Death is a Master from Germany


A sadist in a wheelchair

With a body-count

Of paupers and pensioners

In sunny countries


A domina on crutches

Caressing a refugee girl

Letting drown people

In the Mediterranean


A fattie selling tanks and arms

In weird Rogue States

To head-choppers in night-shirts

And to hangmen with cranes


Death is a Master from Germany,

Keeping shut the Fortress Europe,

With quislings everywhere,

In Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic States


Harry R. Wilkens (PISS TALKS)



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Hi, I read this poem and I kind of understand it, except maybe that for the title and the last paragraph that are little to harsh and full of prejudice- especially if what you are mentioning there was from the 2nd WW, in opposite with the 3 first paragraphs that are related to the current situation. Can you explain its meaning, please? As I believe the title is pretty aggressive towards our friends from Germany it would be great if you give a little more explanation without disrespecting our german community. Thanks in advance,
Many thanks for your interest. The quislings don't refer only to 2nd WW, but also to the present situation, as a new axis Berlin-Budapest and other vassal States are in the making. Try at least to google-translate Die Nachgeborenen, where you will find all the answers. And keep in mind that all this is written by a 70-year-old having at least 65 conscious experience with Germans and their very dangerous consensus - above all political "parties". Chancellor Merkel too knows how to create and exploit this "Volksempfinden" - this common popular We-feeling of all "real" Germans, inaccessible to immigrants and other "false" Germans. The so-called Collective Guilt is part of it and is the privilege of native Germans of any age. And it is also a powerful instrument for the German elite to keep its subjects down and under control...

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