Elizabeth Ageless


Picture: "God Bless Our Gracious Queen!" A Tribute By Lorenzo Cherin


In the Summer I celebrated the reign of Queen Elizabeth II with an article entitled " Elizabethan Age," on this site. It was for her Platinum Jubilee. I featured a cartoon of mine, called " Long Live Our Noble Queen!" the second line of the National Anthem sung in her honour. And it had a flag flying.

With her passing we are moved now to mourn the life of Queen Elizabeth II with an adapted title, Elizabeth Ageless. The cartoon has been retitled "God Bless Our Gracious Queen!" This is an adaptation of the first line of that same anthem, " God Save Our Gracious Queen!" And the flag is flying at half mast.

A flag flies at half mast for the loss of a monarch. But, as the article I refer to, which you can read by scrolling below on here, shows, the achievements of this remarkable lady, without prejudice, shall not be lost, but shall last, as shall the lady herself in memory. In this, she, the embodiment of the second Elizabethan age, lives on, and it makes, Elizabeth ageless.



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