Not Forgotten

Picture: War Memorial, St. Mary’s Church Nottingham

As many of us are engaged with, interested in, or affected by, the current situation in Israel and Gaza, it is right to pause to pay respects to those whose connection to this conflict are heartfelt and whose heartache is lasting. The loss of civilians, initially those massacred by Hamas in Israel, now those victims of the resultant war between Hamas and Israel, is tragic. And the fighting in Ukraine, due to the invasion of the Putin forces, continues to take its toll in loss of life and no sign yet of a cessation and an end to the suffering. 

In the UK and throughout the world this week, we remember the fallen of the two World Wars of the twentieth century.

The twenty first is proving to be one that has not lost the warring that is the way of the world too often, but has lost the loved ones that are gone but not forgotten.


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