Paying Pipers

Picture: Janusz Korczak plays in the band with children in his orphanage


The period from later July through early August, is a poignant one for admirers of the great Polish/Jewish doctor, Janusz Korczak, writer, educator, hero of the Holocaust. We celebrate his birth at the end of July and commemorate his death at the beginning of August. This very period, this year, having launched the  early development of the new film, “The Pied Piper Of Warsaw – A Testimony Of Janusz Korkzak,” has, for my partner and I, been a period of researching, promoting, connecting, in order to advance the project’s development. We are delighted to have received feedback from active and distinguished professionals, scholars, of the life and work of Dr. Korczak, who have expressed enthusiasm about what we are trying to do, in making the first ever feature length documentary drama, on this subject. A significant adademic in the UK has described it as “a very worthwhile project,” a dedicated educator  in the US, on seeing the early and filmed efforts in development, has called it, “amazing!” I share this, not to extol its merits as of yet, but to give an indication of what it could be. For it cannot be thus, if it is not made, and it cannot be made, if it is not supported and funded.


Increasingly, funding is, in the words of the founder of this Forum, Igor Ustinov, “hazardous!” It is often like pulling teeth or chasing one’s tail. Those of us engaged with the work of this Forum, for example, behind the scenes and on this site, with funds that are scarce, but a commitment that is great, do wonders with what we have. The film in development, independent of the Ustinov Forum, presented in association with the Arts And Humanity’s Cause, but with making people aware of The Ustinov Prejudice Awareness Forum, one of its aims, needs funding if we are to be making it at all. So much of the drive put into the development of this Forum, as exemplified with regard specifically here to that also put into this film, is deserving of more support. 


Too many funds are so very specific, their remit so increasingly narrow, they are hard to harness to any project not directly commisioned. Sponsorship, investment, commercial, philanthropic, all are welcome, because of the nature of this and the many other activities being developed. Following in the footsteps of those who have inspired, but struggled, to get things made, but who have made things happen, we, I, indeed, continue. This is a worthwhile project. To make it by making it happen, is what would be amazing. There is that old but relevant saying, “who pays the piper, calls the tune.” Often used to “follow the money,” in public life, and to investigate and advocate for greater  accountability, it is a phrase that springs to mind, when thinking of the effort involved in what we are doing here with this. “The Pied Piper Of Warsaw – A Testimony Of Janusz Korczak,” needs paying. “The Piper,” shall continue in development, unpaid, but we involved  who are creating it, would be grateful to any supporting it, who, if not wanting to “call,” the tune, are keen to hear it!

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