Ustinov Prejudice Awareness Forum

Paying Pipers

Picture: Janusz Korczak plays in the band with children in his orphanage   The period from later July through early August, is a poignant one for admirers of the great Polish/Jewish doctor, Janusz Korczak, writer, educator, hero of the Holocaust. We celebrate his birth at the end of July and commemorate his death at the […]

The Warmongers

It would be far better if on Armistice Day, a day of remembrance and reconcilliation, we could have some of the first, because war might be only a memory, and even more of the second, because togetherness ought to be possible. But a bully is a warmonger, not a peacemaker, so such a day as this, […]

With Thanks

Photo: Sir Peter Ustinov Approves   Ustinov Forum is thankful for the contributions of those who work for the defeat of prejudice. On what has for some, been Thanksgiving Day, a day in America that began as a peaceful concord between settlers in  America, and the Natives of America, we give thanks for those who […]

Sir Sidney

When so many are giving thanks and  sending greetings, it is good to enter into such a spirit as this, on a Forum such as this. We thus do likewise. Earlier this year we began to develop new ideas for our Forum. One of these is the Ustinov Prejudice Awareness Forum Award. I have devised […]

Yesterday’s Heroes

Photograph: Martin Luther King, Harry Belafonte, Asa Phillip Randolph, Sidney Poitier   As we have recently honoured Sir Sidney Poitier, the first Honouree of the Ustinov Prejudice Awareness Forum Award, today we feature a photograph of him, with colleagues in the civil rights movement, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We do so for the Martin […]

Korczak Remembered

On International Holocaust Memorial Day, we honour the memory of those who perished in that horror. A great man, personally and professionally, Janusz Korczak is featured here today and ongoing. One such victim of the Holocaust, this posting is to raise awareness of a new film being developed about him. Sir Peter Ustinov was awarded […]

Presenting Opportunities

Our recent piece, sharing a trailer as a means to raise awareness and funding for a short film about Janusz Korczak, great Polish children’s writer and doctor who was a victim of the Holocaust, opens up new possibilities for the Ustinov Forum. Prejudice Presentations, shall, with the Awareness Awards, recently launched, allow The Ustinov […]


Picture, Topol As Tevye, in  the film of  Fiddler On The Roof   The passing of the internationally renowned and highly versatile actor, singer, illustrator, the Israeli, Topol, brings back personal and professional memories. These are no doubt, shared by many, who remember his artistry in his signature performance, of Tevye the milkman, in the […]

Peace Process

Picture; The Flags – The Ulster Banner, of Northern Ireland, The Union Jack, of The United Kingdom, The Irish Tricolour, of The Republic of Ireland, and The Dove of Peace.   We think of this period as one of rebirth. For those who enjoy it as a Spring Awakening, it is that. For others who […]