Presenting Opportunities

Our recent piece, sharing a trailer as a means to raise awareness and funding for a short film about Janusz Korczak, great Polish children’s writer and doctor who was a victim of the Holocaust, opens up new possibilities for the Ustinov Forum. Prejudice Presentations, shall, with the Awareness Awards, recently launched, allow The Ustinov Prejudice Awareness Forum to develop in further directions.

Already the Forum has branched out and reorganised online, to celebrate the Ustinov Centenary a little while ago. We have another site now also, the Prejudice Awareness site, with featured articles from various outlets, sourced news and sharing views, revealing wider awareness, as well as this site, the Ustinov Forum one, for links to articles and current events, but with original pieces and regular postings, developing the Forum. The Ustinov Prejudice Awareness Forum are breaking the news exposing prejudice, making the news explaining prejudice!

As In-House writer and organiser, I as ever hope to develop the  Forum in this and other ways, ongoing, regularly devising projects with the aim of advancing our remit. One such way is to present ideas, doing so also in the film and broadcasting field, however small to begin, or varied in future, the idea, in practice, is to utilise such methods. We shall, in new and different  additional ways, be able to do what this Forum was devised by Igor Ustinov, inspired by Sir Peter Ustinov for, that is, to  express opinions and comment on prejudice, to expose it and lessen it. More than anything is the desire or attempt, at the heart of this, to explain or understand it.

Whether documentary  presentations or dramatic productions, personal discourse or panel discussions, Prejudice Presentations are presenting opportunities for us online, to advance our purpose.

Presented in association with The Arts And Humanity’s Cause.



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