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Much appearing in the news is a result of work going on behind the scenes. Breaking news that is hot off the press, is of course often just that, the latest, immediately heard and shared, information about a story or incident. Usually it contains detail. Normally it is true. But in an era familiar with the phrase “fake news,” and rehashed or warmed over ongoing “stories,” one has to be careful that sensationalism is not the style or substance of such reporting.

Here at Ustinov Forum a feature of the site is “prejudice in the news.” Be aware that  the articles you might see, and stories people tell are not the opinions or attitudes of this forum. They are how this issue, this quality, prejudice, is covered by news and media. They are usually true stories. But they are reported on in the ways and with the means of various sources and outlets. 

I say all this because I am aware that prejudice awareness itself, requires us to be careful when sharing a story. I do not share other peoples reports. As in-house writer and organiser, that is, writer of articles, organiser of activities, I know that we do, though, and welcome they are, for they connect us to the wider perception of prejudice and greater understanding of it ensues. But reading and researching needs caution and consideration.

 I am telling you this because I have been doing a considerable amount behind the scenes, by amongst other things, such as reading and researching, but also efforts such as speaking at meetings and engaging with social media, on behalf of and for the development of this forum. For the forum to develop it is and continues to be more than sharing breaking news, it being a necessary part, though. It must also be making news. Every original piece here is an attempt at doing both at once, but more of the latter. With original ideas we can make a difference. With a greater reach we can do more yet. 

The results of my deliberations and attention to these matters shall, eventually, bear more fruit. One such effort is the effort in search of sources of funding, and contacts in this area. Another is to utilise the media to become involved in small scale production in video and broadcasting. Indeed one can help the other. Anyone who has any way of assisting in my furthering these objectives, with funds or contacts, and therefore add to the reach of this venture here, do share and let us know.

Meanwhile, when you see the news desk, there is also much that is going on behind the scenes! 


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